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As a church, we seek to resource organizations and individuals who are advancing the work of the gospel. We are committed to loving and serving our local neighbors as well as partnering with those spreading the good news around the world. Read more below about our goals, how you can be involved, and more information on those with whom we have chosen to partner.

Why Do We Partner?

Why does Christ Church Chicago partner with outside organizations?

As a local body of believers, we are privileged to joyfully serve our community with the love of Jesus. We value the vital role our neighborhood partners play in our community, accomplishing things that we could never have attempted on our own. Our relationships with outside partners are mutually beneficial: we help them to fulfill their vision, and our partners teach us and help us to grow in Christlike character and maturity. Partnerships are an opportunity for us to grow in:

  • Loving our neighbors as an overflowing response to all that Jesus Christ has done for us. As Christians, we love our neighbors sacrificially and deeply because this is how Christ loved us. Neighborhood partnerships provide opportunities to live out the gospel and participate in creation’s restoration and renewal, learning from both our partners and those we serve along the way.
  • Showing mercy to those in our communities in ways that extend God’s love and care for people’s spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. We seek the shalom (well-being in the fullest possible sense) of our city, and we aspire to respond generously to our neighbors not only with the hope of the gospel but with tangible resources as well.
  • Seeking biblical justice on behalf of our neighbors and community as a natural outcome of the gospel we hold dear. As God is Just, and has justified us in Christ, we believe he calls us to establish a more just world for the poor and marginalized in our midst. Without real justice, there will never be shalom.
Why Do We Partner?

How Do I Get Involved?

How do I get involved in Christ Church Chicago Partnership?

Our vision is for every regular attendee and member to actively serve in our community. If you would like to serve in the community in any way, there are two things you can do:

  • Pray. You can pray for God’s guidance on what involvement might be a good fit for your heart, talents, and schedule. You can also pray for the work of Christ Church and our neighborhood partners, that in serving we would each first seek God’s will in humility, grace, and godliness; that God would use every single person in Christ Church Chicago to be a light for the gospel; and that many will know the shalom that Jesus offers as we share God’s Word and serve in love.
  • Connect. After you’ve prayed about a possible commitment, reach out to our Director of Neighborhood Partnerships. He can answer questions you might have about what you need to begin learning, observing, and plugging in, and he can help you find service opportunities that fit your schedule, talents, and interests. You can contact him here.
How Do I Get Involved?

Who Are Our Partners?

There are many individuals and organizations that are doing good work in our community—far more than we could sustain formal ties with. Instead of officially partnering with everybody, Christ Church chooses to partner with a small number of  organizations that (1) have a clear mission, (2) effectively execute their vision, (3) fill a strategic need, and (4) would benefit from our involvement. These partners are:


Administer Justice is a 501(c)3 based in Elgin, IL. Through their partnership, dozens of churches, including Christ Church Chicago, have established Gospel Justice Centers offering legal aid to those in need of justice, freedom, and hope. Clients can visit our Gospel Justice Center to talk with real lawyers and, if they so desire, enjoy hospitality and receive prayer. For more information on how to receive affordable legal aid, click here.

Door of Hope Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered and Bible-based transformation partner supplying transitional housing for homeless men in Chicago’s Washington Park community. It provides a safe and clean environment; aids in access to social, medical, and vocational services;  and provides practical help for those who truly want change. A member of our church, David Pendleton, serves as its Executive Director. 

Parkshore Nursing Home is a rehabilitation and skilled nursing center located in the Woodlawn neighborhood. They provide 24-hour nursing, sub-acute rehabilitation services, and care for residents’ physical, mental, and/or geriatric needs. We partner with them by visiting weekly and holding a brief worship, prayer, and preaching service.

Young Life ministers to high school and middle school students on their own turf. Students attend Club, where they have fun playing games and hearing about the one true God who loves them. On the South Side, Young Life is currently at DuSable High School, UC Woodlawn and the University of Chicago Lab School. Our congregation has a long history of supporting Young Life with congregants serving on the Southside Young Life committee, participating in annual fundraising, and serving as student leaders.

Who Are Our Partners?

Our Partnerships

We are committed to supporting gospel growth throughout Chicago and around the world. Click here for more information on our partners doing this good work.

Our Partnerships