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Kid Connect for July 12th: John 16:16-33
Click here to download this Sunday’s Kid Connect: John 16v16-33
John 16:4b-15
Kid Connect for July 5th: John 16:4b-15
Click here to download the Kid Connect for this Sunday’s…
John 15:18-16:4a
Kid Connect for June 28th
Click here to download this week’s Kid Connect for your…
John 15:1-17
John 14:15–31
John 13:36–14:14
John 13:31–35
Jesus the Messiah: Jesus & the Samaritan Woman (Family Curriculum)
Week of May 31, 2020 Christ Church families, peace and…
John 13:18–30
Forum on Mental Health
On May 23, 2020, we have assembled a group of…
Jesus the Messiah: Jesus & Nicodemus (Family Curriculum)
Week of May 24, 2020 Christ Church families, we are…
John 13:1–17
Jesus the Messiah: Jesus Taught in Nazareth (Family Curriculum)
Christ Church families, another week has passed and here we…
John 12:37-50
Jesus the Messiah (Family Curriculum)
It has been another week apart from our in-person worship…
Books, Books, and More Books
A number of books have emerged from our congregation that…
John 12:27-36
Christ the Mediator (Family Curriculum)
While we “shelter in place”, it is my desire to…
John 12:12-26
John 11:55-12:11 (Partial)
Nehemiah 13:4-31
Nehemiah 12:27-13:3