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Kid City: Week of October 11th

Big Events!: A Faith Defined

Kid City Ministry the Week of October 11, 2020

Christ Church families,

This week we continue our study of Church History, specifically the Nicene Creed and the Council of Nicaea. You’ll read about what the Creed is, what it clarified about the trinitarian nature of God, how Jesus is fully God and fully man, and how the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son and is worshipped and glorified as a person of the trinity. We pray that these devotionals will provide some wonderful talking points for your family at your dinner table.

In addition to the devotional, please check out the other ways to connect with our church family. One event coming up is our Kid City Walk Through Party on October 31st from 2:30-4:30 p.m. An email invitation went out earlier this week to parents. For more information and to RSVP byway of scheduling your time slot, visit the sign up page. If your family is unable to stop by, your child(ren) may still recite Bible verses via video chat. Contact me to set up a time.

Storytime continues on Wednesdays. And just a reminder that our volunteers continue to pray for you and your kids. Blessings to you in the Lord!

Throughout the Week

3 Family Devotionals from Big Events! 

  • AD 60 to 325: A Faith Defined

    • 1 What is the Creed?

    • 2 What does fully God and fully Man mean?

    • 3 Later Councils

  • Nicene Creed Flashcards (free download with account)

  • Memory Verses: Luke 9:23, Hebrews 11:1, Acts 1:8, John 3:16, Psalm 100:5, Matthew 5:1-12 (5:8).

    • To memorize, say each verse 3 times and repeat that 3 times a day or memorize the songs linked above. Come to the Walk through Party to recite for prizes. Or contact me to set up a time to recite virtually.


  • Orange Line kids may complete this week’s Kid Connect.

  • Orange Line kids are invited to the Loft from 2-3:45 p.m. to study the New City Catechism. Please wear a mask. Temperatures will be taken upon entry.

  • Green and Red Line kids continue to use your worship bags. Parents, you may want to surprise them with new crayons or paper. If you will be worshipping with us over Zoom, you may want to have them play with playdoh, kinetic sand, or other special manipulatives during the sermon.


Blue and Green Line kids are invited to Storytime via Zoom at 10 a.m. for 15-20 minutes.

Amy Koehler
Children's Ministry Director