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Forum on Mental Health


On May 23, 2020, we have assembled a group of panelists to have a conversation around mental health. This was especially timely given the COVID-19 sheltering in place protocols people were following. Two professionals, Dave Amare, DO and Alex Hoerr, LCPC, RPT joined two practitioners Dan Wiegman and Bing Nieh to engage the topic of mental health from a Christian perspective.

Each panelist gave a short presentation and together had an open conversation on mental health. There was also a question and answer time for the attendees. It was hosted over Zoom. If you prefer video, please click here.

Dawit (David) Amare, D.O., is a psychiatrist with Advocate Health Care in Oak Lawn, IL. Having completed his residency at the University of Chicago Medical Center, he has returned to the neighborhood and is a member of Christ Church Chicago.

Alexandra Hoerr, LCPC, RPT, is the owner of Optimum Joy Clinical Counseling in the Loop. Her desire as a therapist is to help the “everyday” person grow in their mental health. She is a member of Holy Trinity Church’s congregation in Pilsen.

Dan Wiegman is a member of Christ Church Chicago who oversees and facilitates our addiction and recovery ministry. Coming from a more personal vantage point, Dan’s life attests to the possibility of supernatural deliverance as well as a witness to the ongoing work of God.

Bing Nieh
Associate Pastor of University and Family Ministries and Global Partnerships