Building Together Initiative

Building Together: A People, A Place.

We invite you to explore our future home and consider how you may join our endeavor. Further details and information can be found here.

For twenty-two years our church has been on the move. Never settling in any one place, our congregation has rented five separate buildings to hold Sunday services, and three separate spaces for ministry and administration. That said, never owning a home hasn’t kept us from doing gospel work. We have embraced hundreds of children and growing families with the gospel. We have engaged thousands of university students. We have established additional congregations and churches in our city and around the world.

In 2019, our congregation secured a property. Our purpose is to restore an architecturally significant church building in one of Chicago’s important cultural and educational communities. This will make a home for the faithful proclamation of God’s Word. This significant event greatly excites us for the days ahead.