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Kid City Ministry the Week of November 15, 2020

Music & Bible Memory

Kid City Ministry the Week of November 15, 2020

Christ Church families,

This week, we’ll take a break from our study of Church History to worship the Lord through song! Here is a short introduction video on Colossians 3:16 and three videos with songs:

Secondly, as you all know the advent season is almost upon us. In a week, we will be handing out an advent and Christmas devotional to interested families. Here is a list of songs that your family can sing together as you prepare your hearts for the season and for Christ’s next return:

Storytime continues this Wednesday. And just a reminder that our volunteers continue to pray for you and your kids. Please do send us your requests and praises! Love in Christ to you all!

Throughout the Week

Devotionals from Big Events! 

Even though we are officially taking a break from studying Church History this week, feel free to continue reading Big Events! Next week we will read through the last section “Pre-Reformation: Lives Lived Differently” before starting our advent devotional.


  • Orange Line kids may complete this week’s Kid Connect.

  • Green and Red Line kids continue to use your worship bags.


Blue and Green Line kids are invited to Storytime via Zoom at 10 a.m. for 15-20 minutes.

Amy Koehler
Children's Ministry Director