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Kid City Ministry the Week of November 8, 2020

Big Events!: Pivotal Thinkers: A Life of Reflection

Kid City Ministry the Week of November 8, 2020

Christ Church families,

Much love to you and prayer for the peace of Christ to be in your hearts. This week has been intense as we wait on the election results. But we have a King who reigns and who has and will reign eternally. God be praised.

In thirty years, this election will be in the history books. Maybe even earlier than that. What will these texts say? Will they recount the role of those who believe in Jesus and what their actions were? This week in our Church History devotional, we meet Bede, who wrote a very  important history book telling the story of early missionaries and what the Lord had done in history. We also learn about Thomas Acquinas who loved the Lord with his mind, pairing philosophy with the Christian faith. Finally, we meet an interesting woman, Julian of Norwich, who wrote about her visions of Jesus and his love for his people. May these reflections encourage the hearts of your family. May our study of history be another way to give glory to God.

Over the next couple of weeks, I would love it if your kids would write a letter to our Global Missions Partner of the month, Kristen Ismert. She is serving refugees in Turkey. Please print out one of these templates or have your kids create their own. Bring them to the church service if you are attending in person, or take a picture of it and send it my way. I will mail these to Kristen the week of 11/15.  Younger elementary | older elementary

Storytime continues on Wednesdays. And every day we are in prayer for you.

Throughout the Week

3 Family Devotionals from Big Events!

  • AD 325 to 1450; Pivotal Thinkers: A Life of Reflection

    • 1 Bede

    • 2 Thomas Acquinas

    • 3 Julian of Norwich


  • Orange Line kids may complete this week’s Kid Connect.

  • Orange Line kids are invited to the Loft from 2-3:45pm to study the New City Catechism. Please wear a mask. Temperatures will be taken upon entry.

  • Green and Red Line kids continue to use your worship bags. Parents, you may want to surprise them with a new coloring book, stickers or pens. If you will be worshipping with us over Zoom, you may want to have them play with playdoh or kinetic sand or other special manipulatives during the sermon.


Blue and Green Line kids are invited to Storytime via Zoom at 10 a.m. for 15–20 minutes.

Amy Koehler
Children's Ministry Director