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Kid City: Week of October 4th

A Faith Worth Dying For: Big Events!

Kid City Ministry the Week of October 4, 2020

Christ Church families,

This week we continue our study of Church History. We read about 4 family members of ours who were martyred for their faith in Jesus. Martyrdom may be a new concept for your kids. I pray that the devotional readings help you discuss what this word means and what it meant for the church as it was growing in the first centuries AD. Please use the other resources linked below whenever works best for your family. Remember that our volunteers are praying for your kids every week. If you want to share a prayer request, please feel free to contact me. Blessings to you!



Blue and Green Line kids are invited to Storytime via Zoom at 10 a.m. for 15-20 minutes.

3 Family Devotionals from Big Events! To Read Throughout the Week

  • AD 60 to 325: A Faith Worth Dying For

    • 1 Polycarp (Anti-Gnostic)

    • 2 Justin Martyr

    • 3 Perpetua and Felicitas

  • Active Christianity’s video “Take up my cross daily” (Brunstad Christian Church Norway)

Amy Koehler
Children's Ministry Director